Audio services cannot be started on local service

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This morning my sound didn’t worked and I tried to check the settings and this error appeared. I don’t know how I find it or how can this be solved. I didn’t make any system changes before I turned off the PC. Any solution for my problem ? What and why is not working ?

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Service Audiosrv could not be configured to run under account name LocalService on computer Local Computer. Service Audiosrv runs in a shared process. If computer Local Computer is running Windows NT 4.0 or earlier, services which run in a shared process must run under the system account.

Error : the account name is invalid or does not exist or the password is invalid for the account name specified.

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Audio services cannot be started on local service


It is very clear in the message that this is a shared service and can be run under the system account. And the error message is also about invalid account name or password. So, simply check your account and try to restore it as it is the service demand. When you would recover your account name and password successfully, then there would be no problem.

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