Asus laptop vga driver problem

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I have a problem with my Asus Laptop. The model is K52N. The VGA driver was not installed properly. Last night, I reinstalled its operating system with Windows 7 32 bit. Then I installed the VGA driver from the DVD which came with that laptop. After installing the driver, I played a video from my drive. I have observed that it was not clear and quite pixilated. I reinstalled the Graphics driver, but got no result. Please help me guys.

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Asus laptop vga driver problem


Hi there Harry,

You didn’t mention if the issue you’re having is only with playing a video. Try to isolate the problem, by playing another video perhaps or what about the desktop screen, how does it look? Try to check the display settings of your computer as well. Verify the installation disk if it supports windows 7 32-bit system.

Installation disk/s that you get together with the product sometimes doesn’t even match or is not able to support multiple bit-types. If it does support Win 7 32-bit, display properties settings are correct and you still get pixilated graphics, try to install a newer version of your graphics driver. You can check and download it here.

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Asus laptop vga driver problem


This kind of issue due to the installation of the new windows, Windows 7 is so essay they automatically installed the driver in your hardware, To resolve this kind of issue:

  1. Go to Start menu click >>> Run type DXDIAG >>> Enter >>> then you see DirectX Diagnostic Tool >>> select Display >> Look DirectX Features if it is Enabled or Disable. Then Close.
  2. Go to start menu again click >> Control Panel find Add and Remove Programs >>> click Find the program of the VIDEO remove it or uninstall program.
  3. Restart your computer and after that Insert VGA CD Driver.
  4. Go to MY Computer right click then Manage >>> click Device Manager.
  5. Right click yellow color in the Display Adapter and click Update driver.
  6. Wait until finish and restart your computer.

Thank you, hope you can do it.



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