.aspx Web Application – Windows 7

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I used my Windows XP 32-bit OS to create a web application then added it to my friend’s IIS 7 on Windows 7 64-bit. Windows 7 is okay for .aspx pages but not so much with html pages.

I tested if Handler Mapping in my Windows 7 PC can help but it sure doesn’t.













Hitting a .html page on a Windows 7 PC just gives another error message.











This stopped IIS 7.5 from loading static html pages. I can’t find feature.

How can I run an application made in Windows XP 32-bit on a PC that is Windows 7 64-bit?


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.aspx Web Application – Windows 7


Hello Nadia,

Running an application that has been designed to work on windows XP 32 bit on windows 64 bit will be really hard. I will suggest that you do one of the following:

  • You can opt to get an .aspx application that is meant to run on windows 7 64 bit to avoid the compatibility issues you are getting with the application right now.
  • You can as well choose to change your operating system to 32 bit. That means that you will have to uninstall the windows 7 64 bit you have on your system right now and then install the windows 7 2 bit. This will be a bit hectic so I will highly recommend that you just get the .aspx 64 bit application and install it.

Hope this helps.




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.aspx Web Application – Windows 7


I feel the Win 32 web applications cannot be converted into Win 64 bit web applications. However, you can run them on Win 64 bit OS. You will require a software for this one. You will need to use a set of DLL files into the library that are the part of WOW64 and hence you will be able to save the Win 32 application on 64 bit OS IIS. You need to use the WOW64 and that will solve your problem. You can covert a visual 2005 format to visual studio 2010 format for but here you will need the WOW64 software or else you will not be able to install the web application on 64 bit Win 7 OS. 


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