Asking about PLC ladder question to learn about PLC

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Hello expert, I want to ask a PLC ladder question because I am looking to study about the logic of the PLC. First please can you explain about the programmable logic controller diagram?

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Asking about PLC ladder question to learn about PLC



A PLC(programmable logic controller) is a digital device used for the automatic control of electro-mechanical processes.

A PLC consist of a matrix of logic gates that are connected to each other using fusible titanium-tungsten links that can be programmed as desired.

The matrix consists of 3 components

1. Matrix of inverters

2. Matrix of AND gates

3. Matrix of OR gates

To program the device ABEL(advanced boolean equation language) is used to specify which links are needed and which ones are not needed. Upon successful compilation of the code, it is uploaded to the PLC breaking off undesired links(by passing high current through the links making the tungsten to melt) so as to implement a desired logic function

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