Are there any more bugs out there for windows

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I just want to make sure I haven't missed something big. Is there any bugs or virus's for Windows either 7 or 8.

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Are there any more bugs out there for windows


Dear Julie,

There have always been bugs in any software developed, nobody can create a perfect software, that's why there's QA testing involved. Some bugs even make it out of this process also and end up annoying average issues. The software updates come to help on this issue.

But also through feature updates more bugs can be created. These ones need to be fixed again through updates, so it's an ongoing process to maintain the software bug free during its life-cycle.

Either Windows version you mention is no exception to the above rule. Microsoft releases periodic updates that fix bugs, security issues and other possible threats and gaps.

Regarding the matter of viruses, as long as there will be computers in the world there will always be someone trying to infiltrate them through a security hole and plant a worm, Trojan, keylogger in order to obtain certain kinds of information. Providing that you work hard enough and long enough you will eventually be able to bypass a system and plant a virus.

This is where antivirus software come into play. You will most likely need to have an updated version of an antivirus product installed on each of those mentioned OS's.

There is the preconception that Mac OS X is a perfect system because it has no viruses or malware. This is false, recent cases have shown that because of the rise in popularity of the operating system, black hat intruders (bad ones) have turned their heads from Windows to Mac and began creating malware specifically for Mac.

The reason why Mac OS X wasn't a target to different kinds of viruses was because of the low popularity. Most people run Windows so it is more likely that the intruders might accomplish their goal if they hit for the bigger fish.

So to answer your question: Yes, there are and always will emerge bugs and holes and security issues in the Windows platform, but they will be immediately fixed. And the virus threat will never stop. You will need an antivirus product, if you run Windows, in order to protect yourself.

I hope this helps.

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Are there any more bugs out there for windows


Dear User,

Windows 7

There are a few bugs in Windows 7, but we can’t be sure about Windows 8 until they launch a full version.

But however in Windows 7, there are few, here is a 5 most common Windows 7 problems. (Bugs).

1. Windows 7 seems slow.

2. Windows Aero Not Working.

3. Older Program Not Compatible.

4. DVCD Drive Not Found.

5. New theme Change Custom Icons.

And there are a few more.

But the good thing is you can easily fix these Problems. Just by goggling them.

Thank you.

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