Application Virtualization Error on Windows 8

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I have Windows 8 as my OS. Recently, I tried to install App- V4.6 Service Pack 1 on my Windows 8. I know that Windows 8 doesn’t support this, but I still want to try, and then it works. I installed it successfully. Then next is, I installed App- V DeployNPublish Tools which will work with stand-alone client.

Windows 8 does not have a Start menu so in order to view or go to the app that is in the Start menu, we have to click windows-c and then search. You can be able to see a list of all the apps arranged alphabetically. When launching an application since the AppV_DeployApp tool indicates a hundred percent cached, I got an error as shown below:

Application Virtualization Error

The Application Virtualization Client could not launch FileZilla 3.5.

The directory name is invalid.

Error code: 4615186-1F701639-0000010B


What is causing this error?

Please help.

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Application Virtualization Error on Windows 8


Hi Charlie,

You may want to set WORKINGDIR element on your directory executable process. Change the directory which is most likely set to App-V Client’s directory or System32. This should be set and fixed on your Environment path.

Make sure that you have added the path from the fields which are mandatory and linked to the pages on the OSD. This sometimes goes missing.

Also, make sure that your OSD files have been downloaded properly. Sometimes when we download files, there might be some files that will get missing. Try to delete your old OSD files before re-downloading the new files.


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