Application Virtualization Error While Installing.

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Can someone help me workaround an Application Virtualization Error I have?

I Have been using a lot of applications of this kind, but when I installed and ran App-V package from MS Office 2003, I was stuck.

The error code was:

4615186-16D1160A-0000E029 I screen captured the error message, 

Application Virtualization Error
The Application Virtualization Client could not launch Microsoft Office Excel 2003 11.0.5612.0.
There is not enough space in the Application Virtualization cache.
Report the following error code to your System Administrator.
Error code: 4615186-16D1160A-0000E029
Please Help me.
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Application Virtualization Error While Installing.

Okay Superuser, do not worry  just follow it.
You have needed to increase the cache size someway. You will get the way from installation page of the client there was a step in connection with the cache size.
 Now open the App-V client mmc console from the “Action” menu, and then click on the “Properties”.  A new window will appeared and Click on the “File Systems” tab. 
There you will found that. You will found the package, which around 400 MB with the all components. The snobbish cache size more than 1100 MB, and the maximum only 1400 MB. Now you have to raise it to 6 GB.
After completing all the process will be successes.

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