The application Finder cannot be launched. -600

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My application Finder couldn’t be killed by -9. It always just zombie just like an Aperture and a VLC software product … even the killing of its GUI… it became hung up, as a solution I have to restart my computer to avoid the halted state.
According to my understanding I was thinking ‘should I plug in w.800i’ or just neglect and don’t use it.

[An error screen shot is attached]

Finder error -600

Finder error -600

The application Finder cannot be launched.

Please help me out of this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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The application Finder cannot be launched. -600


Hi there Helen,

There are several things you can try to fix the problem.

Is restarting your computer fixing the problem? If yes, then it's just a bug that will be fixed soon in one of the updates.

Another thing to do is to delete the Finder preferences file so the system can rebuild them from scratch after the restart. To do so open Terminal (it's located in Applications – Utilities). At the prompt type the following line:
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
Press return.
This will delete the Finder preferences file and everything should work after a restart.

One more thing to try is to create a new user and see if the problem appears there too. If not, migrate your documents to the new user and delete the old one.

Hope this helped,
Drake Vivian

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