Application defined or object defined error

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Hi guys,

I am at work generating some inventory reconciliation, when I am about to generate the final report an error message appeared on my screen, see below the screen shot.

Microsoft Office Access Application-defined or object-defined error

Microsoft Office Access

Application-defined or object-defined error

This is my first time to encounter this error, what I did is just to restart my computer to have a refresh, since it was not properly shut down a while ago, when I am back with my work, on same pattern in generating report, the same error message appeared on my screen. Please help me guys, I don't have any idea in dealing with such error message, thanks in advance.

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Application defined or object defined error


Access signals errors in accordance with a blunder Code amount. The Make a mistake objects. Number house receives loaded with the actual Signal number any time an error will be signaled. Your own error handler then are able to use the actual Go overboard objects some other attributes (.Description, as an example) to ascertain how to handle the problem. The amounts Entry by itself creates may drop in a particular number range. The typical Accessibility handlers can discover and correctly recognize my way through the standard variety.

Access supplies another array (not necessarily the overlap the typical array) with regard to user-defined mistakes that can be expressly signaled. (See 'Increase' command within VBA) The user-defined, application-defined, or perhaps object-defined error is actually one that is in the numeric variety outside that which Entry promises for itself.

The issue you might be possessing is that when a user-defined mistake is signaled (raised), any user-defined handler needs to be announced initial (On Error …) that will identify the error. The conventional Access error handler is actually trapping a good unhandled mistake signaled coming from several number of levels much deeper in your Signal. When the Entry last-chance drejer sig picks up this kind of problem, it's just regarding consistently fatal to what you are doing.

When the error is part of an application item, then you need to check for that application's mistake codes in your handlers. But more valuable, you will need a low-level trainer that may trap the error and correct that without having moving it up towards the higher level handlers. You already know they can't deal with the problem.

That doesn't let you know where to seem, I'm scared. But I believe that's what is going on. If you don't have any kind of problem handlers at all, that might be section of your trouble. Should you, next the thing is that they are re-signaling the big mistake that's providing you sadness since the handlers you have are not going to handle the mistake you've got.

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