Application contains too many user-defined variables

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Hello to all, I was working with my 9144 EtherCAT Slave Chassis while using around five (or more) 951x motion modules.  I will then suddenly receive one of the listed errors:

What does each error mean and how can I prevent them?

Error -2147138442 occurred at an unidentified location

 The module cannot be found. If the physical module exists, and the device is in FPGA mode, recompiling and downloading may fix this problem.

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Application contains too many user-defined variables


Hello Joseph,

Note that the 9144 EtherCAT Slave Chassis has got support for up to four 951x modules. In the event that you are using any of the modules in slots 5-8,  then you  will need to follow the instructions stated in the KnowledgeBase 51OEHMZY. Even though you can utilize the 951x modules in any slot, you can not exceed 4.



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