Apple/Mac software conversion to Windows

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Just for interest,

I don't use any apple computer or laptop.

But still i want to know about the apple software and that is, Can i convert any apple mac software in to windows software or can i do the same for windows to mac/apple software.

Can anyone know or tell me the process?  

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Apple/Mac software conversion to Windows


Hi Akash11,

Yes, It is really possible to convert the apple/mac to windows.  But it is a very long process and you will need a lot of  patience to do it.  The first you must do is to extract the archive files.  How?

These are the steps:

1.  You have to download a software capable of extracting archive files.
  • You have to launch stuffit expander
  • On the menu – Click open and look for the archive files
  • Then select the files and select expand-extract in the menu
  • If you followed the directions correctly the extracted files will appear in the selected folder.  You just have to " Extract Dialog and click browse and choose the selected folder and then click ok.
  • Close the stuffit if the extraction done already.

2.   Now lets convert the Apple/Mac in to windows format

  • We just need a lot of programs like IconPro, ArtIcons, IconXP to continue.   All of these can be found at the Macintosh icons and will convert those to windows formats in just a minute.
  • you have to add the icon in the library by drag-in drop into the program window.
  • Then transfer the New Image Format with the help of ArtIcons Pro, AconLover or IconXP
  • Don't forget to save the new formatted Icons after deleting the unwanted Icons.

3.    Last, Extract the Icon from the Archive

  • You will need a program which is called TURBOZIP(version 5.0)
  • Then install the program and click to open.  At the program panel you have to choose *.hqx in the file.

Hope this might help you.



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