Apple iPad3: a new sleek and thin design

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How is iPad 3 compared to iPad 2 with its features and functionality? How about the physical appearance in terms of design?

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Apple iPad3: a new sleek and thin design


Let’s break it down and compare iPad3 and iPad2. Which is better the iPad2 or the iPad3?


IPad2 has an A5 chipset, which is a dual core chip and it has a 1GHz speed that it's twice as fast as its predecessor, the A4.

The new IPad3 has an A5x chipset; it is an advance dual core chip for almost a quad core experience processor.


The iPad 3 wins the graphic field. It offers better graphic features, than that of iPad2. Because of the A5X chip, it has better features and also the iPad3 is based on the quad core graphic processor.


Not much new about memory both support the same memory variants which are 16, 32 and 64 GB. But rumors were there that it might come up with the 128 GB storage not yet confirmed. The difference only is that the iPad2 was packed with 512 MB RAM, but iPad3 has 1 GB of RAM.


Both the iPad2 and iPad3 has the same screen size which is 9.7 inches.

iPad2 has the resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels .
iPad3 comes with the 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution.

So iPad3 has better resolution than the iPad2.

Size and weight:


241.2 mm * 185.7 mm size.

Depth: 8.8 mm

Weight: 601 grams


241.2 mm * 185.7 mm size.

Depth: 9.4 mm

Weight: 601 grams

Both the iPad2 and iPad3 has the same screen size which is 9.7 inches

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