Apple ipad3 to go 3D?

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Rumor has it that the third generation iPad will sport a 3D display.

Is this really true?

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Apple ipad3 to go 3D?


This rumor has been running all over for a long time that the iPad 3 is going to support a 3D display.

So many forums are discussing this rumor but the thing is none of the officials have responded to this rumor although the Apple’s fans wish to see a 3D display in iPad 3 next year. So it is hard to judge whether it is true or false.

Most of the analysts say that we are not going to see the 3D display in the iPad 3 but Apple is working on it and will disclose the whole thing very soon. 

What we have to do is just to wait.

3D Dispaly in iPAD
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Apple ipad3 to go 3D?


iPad 3 is the third generation iPad and uses the market name “The new iPad”. This is the third device in the iPad line of tablets which is, of course, designed by Apple Inc. Where new features like the new Apple A5X chip that has a quad-core graphics processor.

Retina screen, voice dictation, 5 megapixel camera, Siri, HD 1080p video recording, and 4G [LTE] are available. The new iPad 3 already comes with iOS 5.1 which includes audio-visual media like eBooks, web content, music, periodicals, films, computer games, and presentations.

Unfortunately, the LTE feature or connectivity is not available if you are not within North America which completely disables it if you are from another country. The new iPad was also tested and was successfully jailbroken.

This means the users will be able to use programs and applications that were not authorized by Apple. It was tested using Redsn0w 0.9.12 and or Absinthe 2.0. It’s clear to users that jailbreaking the device obviously voids the product’s warranty so unless you are not scared of breaking it or loosing the warranty, you have the freedom to jailbreak it yourself.

The 5-megapixel camera of iPad 3 that can do a 1080p HD video recording.

5-megapixel camera of iPad 3

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