Apache not showing custom Error Pages

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Hi TechyV buddies!

I am having some problems in running my Linux server apache 2.2.22.

I am encountering these custom error pages that located in ‘/var/wwwerror/’.

The setup is a Virtual Directory called ‘/error/’.





The following lines are in my Apache configuration:

errorDocument 404/error/404.htm

errorDocument 401/error/401.htm

errorDocument 500/error/500.htm

The lines above are stored in my main HTTPD together with my Virtual Directory.

When I try to open a directory that is not in my server, I always encounter an error message in my browser page.

However, when I try not to enable on a specific server, I always end up returning to 401 error pages which does not work when I open 404 or 405 pages.

Could you help me configure these problems?

I would really appreciate any ideas that will make my problem solved.

If there are any questions in the problems I have encountered or any clarification just let me know.

Thank you!

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Apache not showing custom Error Pages


Hello Nicola,

The following two resolutions should help fix the issue you are getting:

Solution 1:

You will first of all need to get rid of the directory issues. Check the cases that you are using for the /error/ directory references, for they may be case sensitive and  therefore mixing the cases will cause the error.

In the event that you testing using the MSIE and as well using custom error documents that are too short, you will need to rectify that.

Solution 2:

Check to confirm that your root directory is really /var/wwwerror/. If it is you can try changing it to /var/www/.

There is usually an error docs in that directory, usually ErrorDocument 401 401.html. If you have placed the error docs in there own folders you will need to place them in one folder.



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