AOL write mail merge possible?

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I have many different mail accounts from different providers and would like to merge them somehow. I will use the AOL account as the main email account, and I would like to write or import email from my other accounts to this one.

Is this possible? I have Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo accounts.

Thank you.

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AOL write mail merge possible?


AOL mail doesn’t have the easy mail importing or merging feature like Gmail has. However, there are two ways that you can import mails from other accounts to you AOL account.

1.      You need to have The Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) in your computer which helps to store and organize emails from different accounts. So, first step is to save your emails from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts into ready-made folders of PFC. You have to make sure that your computer has AOL Desktop v10.1 installed. Once you have saved your emails into PFC and ensured that you have the correct version of AOL software installed you can start importing the email to your AOL account. Follow the steps:

a)      Open AOL Desktop v10.1

b)      Click ‘Mail’ on the toolbar and log in into your AOL account using the credentials if needed.

c)       The ‘Mail’ window will open. Then go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Import AOL Filing Cabinet’.

d)      Press the button ‘Continue’.

e)      Press ‘OK’.

f)        Make sure now you close all the windows that are open.

You should now have all the mail saved in you AOL account and whenever you check AOL account you will have to access to them. You can follow this procedure periodically to get the email from other accounts to AOL account.

2. AOL has a free service called “AOL Easy Transfer” which can import contacts and email from other email applications. This is useful when you switch to AOL from other email accounts and need to transfer contacts and emails. “AOL Easy Transfer” also can send alerts to the contacts about the change of your mail account for 30 days.

Once you have this go to ‘Settings”, then go to “General” and click on "Use a reading pane to view mail." You can use “Filters” to organize the emails.

Hope the solution was helpful for you.

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