Any tutorial on how do you play Spanish checkers available.

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I wanted to learn Spanish checkers for a long time. A tutorial like 'how do you play Spanish checkers' would have been interesting. Has anyone come across with something similar to that. Appreciate any help. 


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Any tutorial on how do you play Spanish checkers available.


Spanish checkers is a very interesting game. In Spanish it is known as “Damas Espanola” and it may look like an ordinary checker but the difference is that the Queen is more powerful than the King. It can move forward and backward and as far as the player want.

Before you play this game, it is crucial to know the game’s rules. Go to this website to check the complete rules of the play. If you have little to no idea of how the game is played, here is a simple mechanic:

  1. Decide who will play first.
  2. On one side, place the red checkers on black squares while the other player does the vice versa (putting black checkers on red squares), making sure that they are within the first three rows of squares.
  3. First player makes a move by placing the checker diagonally, adjacent to a free black square.
  4. The other player does the same thing but must occupy his allotted colored square.
Spanish checkers is a very interesting game

For full instructions, visit this website.

If you’d like more help to win your first Spanish checker game, here are some tips that you can apply.

Good luck playing!

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