Any tips on how to fix a WiFI Network

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My WiFi is spotty through out the house. I can be in the same place as I was the day before and have a slower connection. 

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Any tips on how to fix a WiFI Network


Hello Charles,

The WiFi may be spotty in your house because of the following reasons:

  • You are trying to access the WiFi from a point that is far away from where you have positioned the router. If you are say upstairs and the router is downstairs then there may be obstructions from the walls that is making the signal weak, and therefore you cannot be able access the internet using the WiFi successfully. You will therefore need to switch positions and go to a place that is close to the router and see if that will solve the problem.
  • If you have not tried restarting the router just yet, I will suggest that you do that for it may be a temporary network problem that is causing the WiFi to be spotty in your house, and simply restarting it may solve the problem.



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Any tips on how to fix a WiFI Network


Dear User,

WiFi can be slow due to many reasons,

First check,

If you are having the same problem with any other device, if you are then I recommend you to clear your history and cache and browsing data in your device.

However if you are still having the problem with other devices too, then try getting closer to the router.

If your internet becomes faster as you come closer, then its probably how your router’s Distance

But none of that solves your problem. You should try disabling and re enabling your router.

Also check if you have exceeded your monthly usage. If you are using a limited connection.

Or you can always refer to your Internet Service Provider.

Thank you.

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