Any software that can copy cd

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Hey guys,one more problem.I had saved some important data in cd.It became a bit old and now my laptop is unable to open this. I heard that i can copy this cd with a software.Is there?if yes then where can i find this?

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Any software that can copy cd


Hello Mr. Ron Maxi.

Has your cd crashed? Or your computer can not read it? You can download a software that can copy that cd. This is called 'Recovery Tool Software'. You can download this from Download this free and install it on your computer. Now open it and enter your cd in dvd drive. This will show you the cd folder. Click on 'next' two times. This will now show the files of your damaged cd. First select 'copy' and then click on 'save'. Your files will be saved in C drive. Go to C drive and then go to 'CDRestored'. You will find your files there.

Thank you for your question.

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Any software that can copy cd


Hello Ron,

I have encountered this problem many times before. When the CD becomes old and is not opened by the computer is most probably due the scratches. You can still open this CD without any use of software. Have you heard of CD Buffing? Buff your CD once it will remove all the scratches from the CD. It is very cheap and the machine is easily available in any CD Shop.

Another method you can apply at home to remove the scratches is use whitening tooth paste. Here is the procedure to that,

1- First clean the surface of the CD gently with any soft cloth. Scrub it with soft hands

2- Apply a little amount of tooth paste on the scratched surface

3- Start moving the cloth gently and scrub it for couple of minutes.

This will do the trick.


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Any software that can copy cd


CD is written with laser ray and if it becomes old, the data becomes affected by earth's magnetic field and becomes unreadable. It is a huge problem. Then we can't use the important data and it becomes useless. But there is some free software which can read and backup data of any damaged cd.

These software are known as cd repair tool. Here I give you some cd repair tools:

* Cd repair tool by

* CD-DVD Icon Repair tool

You can find thousands of cd repair tools on the web with an easy using interface. You can download and install any of the cd repair tools and get your cd data backup.

Here is some more ways:

Wash your cd with detergent powder carefully.

Rub your cd with banana (not the skin).

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