Antispam relay server for Exchange 2007?

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We have installed Exchange 2007 in my company. We are receiving a lot of spam lately and would like to block it somehow.

I want to use an anti spam relay server for this, if possible.

Can you suggest some software? Or any other solutions?

Perhaps some bayesian filter?

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Antispam relay server for Exchange 2007?


Hi There,

I can suggest that you get a DNS based blocking list server which basically identifies any server that's used to send a spam email & automatically blocks it , by adding it to the black list hence any email sent from it will be detected & blocked from passing through your server.

Alternatively you can purchase the best anti spam software available that i can recommend- Spam Titan which is available for free trial download, that you can install & test its performance in spam protection.

After that if you are satisfied with its performance, you can purchase it at a fee of as little as $2 per user per year. It gives you the advantage of determining how many users you can purchase for.& also has Kaspersky antivirus included in the package at no extra cost which is a great anti virus known world wide.

Here is its link,

Hope that helps.

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