Answer To ‘what Are Certificate Errors.’

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Hey, while browsing the internet, I have come across many websites with a message of ‘Problems with the security certificate of this site’. What are certificate errors, can anyone explain?

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Answer To ‘what Are Certificate Errors.’


Hey there, before we know this, ever wondered what the icons like this indicate?

While browsing the internet, security is always a concern. There are my organizations who have introduced ways to check on the privacy and internet security to ensure smooth transactions over the internet, be it browsing, playing games, social networking or secure payments made online.

In simple words, certificate is the authentic proof that you are trusting the person (website basically) you are dealing with, which contains their personal information like email addresses, owner’s name, duration of validity, Distinguished Name (DN) or they say, resource location which consists of Common name (CN) of the website and the certificate ID of the person who signs or certifies this information.

About the symbol I just mentioned, is the secure lock which ensures the protection online while browsing. Just remember, until you see this green lock and websites starting ‘https:’ you are securely transacting online. Avoid browsing in case either or both of these symbols are missing.

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