Android and Windows App Developers verse iPhone App Developers

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What are Android application developers and Windows application developers doing right with respect to iPhone application developers or designers? Concerning the development of applications and its availability to users, developing of user friendly applications and other areas of concern to you, what can you pinpoint as being a plus for both Windows and Android Apps Developers as against iPhone App Developers?

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Android and Windows App Developers verse iPhone App Developers



Apple is a good company that allows users to have number of apps from their app store. Android and Windows both have the same. But some differences lie between those platforms and development process, too.

For developing Android, all you need to have is skill on Java and a good sense of beauty. SDK and other documentation is available for free to develop and Android apps. Even the developer is allowed to use all resources of a phone via his created apps.

Windows, on the other hand, is the worst platform, according to my taste. If you want to develop Windows apps, you have to get Visual Studio and that costs about $500 and also, it requires to have skill on C# and XAML, some very tough and closed-source programming language.

iOS from Apple comes in strange form. It requires Objective-C to develop apps, a strange version of C++. Only if you have Mac OS powered PC, only then you can have the Xcode to develop apps for iOS. Also, you’ll feel jailed while developing because Apple doesn’t let developers to use all the resources of an iOS device that makes very much confusion. iOS 8 comes with new features, but still, this is a major issue.

It’s your choice to choose the best platform. Android is open source and most popular, so learning Android development would be a good choice.

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