Alien Respawn cannot be installed

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Hi tech experts,

When I try to install the AlienRespawn I am getting this error message. I tried to install this software that will help me to restore the laptop to its original factory configuration. But I am not able to do that, how will I have the windows recovery environment? Am I not sure whether it will affect the existing partition? Please help me to trap the error and solution for it. Thanks

AlienRespawn cannot be installed because your hard drive does not have the Windows Recovery Environment.

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Alien Respawn cannot be installed


In order to obtain AlienRespawn without issues, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the link below and then download and run the DSLCheck.exe which you can find on the right column of the page. This will check the Recovery partition on your PC.

AlienRespawn Download Link

2. When you run the DSLCheck.exe, it will direct you to the links below:

For AlienRespawn and for Dell DataSafe Local Backup.

3. You can find the installer files on both websites.

Just run the file AlienRespawn_Basic.exe to install AlienRespawn.


1. Even if DSLCheck.exe notifies you that your computer doesn't have a Windows Recovery Environment, you can continue with Step 2.

2. DSLCheck.exe will automatically direct you to the next link which means, AlienRespawn will function well on your system. Otherwise, if the first step happens to your machine and skip directly to the 2nd step, you will most likely receive the same error you've got.



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