The alias ThisFileHasBeenDeIeted could not be opened

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When I tried to access the alias this message appeared on my desktop. Now I don’t remember to delete anything from my MAC so I don’t know what is missing. I clicked the OK button because I don’t know what is going to happen with another. I am new on MAC so I am getting at every error that will appear. Can anyone help me to solve this error? What exactly it means? Kind Regards!

The alias “ThisFileHasBeenDeIeted alias” could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found.

Delete Alias FixAlias… OK

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The alias ThisFileHasBeenDeIeted could not be opened


Going back to history, “alias” started way back Mac OS X 7 and just continued until then. In Microsoft Windows, the equivalent of “alias” is the “shortcut”. An alias is a really small file that acts for another object that is maybe located in the local hard drive, in a remote, or a removable drive and gives an active link to it.

If the alias is linked to an executable file that starts an application, opening that alias will simply launch the software associated to it. In case you encounter a problem when accessing an alias, it is probably because the file or the program that links to the alias must have been uninstalled or deleted. In your case, you should check to what software the alias “ThisFileHasBeenDeleted alias” is included.

If the program is already uninstalled, you can select Delete Alias from the dialog box which will automatically delete the file. You can also select Fix Alias to let the computer find the original file where the alias is linked. But if the computer can’t find it, then maybe it has been deleted.

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