Aladdin expander Mac 2010 not compressing

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I recently purchased Stuffit Aladdin Expander 2010 version as an alternative for WinZip and WinRar.  I launched the program and it cannot compress JPEG files and gives an error of "Cannot compress files".  What does Aladdin Expander Mac 2010 error mean?  I have an iMac with OSx Mountain Lion.  Thanks.

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Aladdin expander Mac 2010 not compressing


Hi there Thelma B Johnston,

There is no known issues regarding JPEG compression or compatibility of the Stuffit Aladdin Expander and Mountain Lion OSX, so the problem is most likely either in permissions or in the access.

The first thing you should do is to check if your JPEG files are currently used by some other application. Check if you have some image viewer installed and running, and close it completely. Also, if you've edited images using some image editor software, make sure everything's saved and closed.

Another thing to do is to check the permissions of the folder where the files are saved. You should have a full access in order to compress them.

Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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Aladdin expander Mac 2010 not compressing


Hi Thelma,

This is a very common issue with any compressor. In order to solve this issue do the following:

1. Put all the required JPEG files into an folder and make sure they are not opened or used by any other application.

2.Go ahead with compressing the folder where you put all your files.

That will solve your issues.

Thank You.

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