After one hour my browser are hung up

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Nowadays, I am facing a new problem that is very funny but a great problem for me. My problem is Mozilla or another browser stopped after running for one hour. Dialog box stated that internal remote servers are not found. My net connection is okay.

What kind of problem is it and how can I prevent it?


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After one hour my browser are hung up


Most Windows based computer systems come with Internet Explorer set as the default browser.

As you surf the internet and become a more experienced computer user, you may find another web browser that you would like to try out. You may have downloaded and installed it to try out first. When the new browser was being installed, it might have asked if you wished to make it the default browser. You answered no at the time because you wanted to try it out first. Each time you opened the new browser, it might have asked you if you wanted to make it the default browser and if you answered no, and clicked they don’t ask me again the new browser will just open when activated. Now you have decided that yes, I want to use this browser as my default web browser. So what do you do?

Each browser will have a different way to set it as the default browser after installation. At the top of the browser window, there is a menu with words (assuming you haven’t hidden it) like File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help. Click each and a menu will appear. Look for something that refers to Preferences, Settings or Options and click it. Under this section of the browser, you have to look for where it lets you set the browser as the default browser. There might be a checkbox beside "… should check to see if it is the default browser." or just a button or checkbox to make the change.


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After one hour my browser are hung up


Hi friend!

I think that problem was created because of a virus. Maybe recently, you just downloaded a virus that contains this type of interruption. There might also be a virus in your PC which is updated regularly. Some viruses have this kind of capability to update themselves automatically in the background.

To solve this problem, install latest antivirus software. If you already have an antivirus, then remove it and install new updated different antivirus. After that, scan full computer and delete viruses, worm, spyware etc.

Another solution is you can stop all background process at the time of using the internet. It will be helpful. Don’t forget to turn on again after your job is done. You can stop those processes from here.

To get here, go run and type “msconfig” and press enter. Then open service tab and stop all services.

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