After Effects Error: Unable to Allocate Space

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Hi to all,

Got this error while working with Adobe CS4 After Effects. Half of my hard disk is free after I've uninstalled some major software so there shouldn't be any problem. Any suggestions on how to get this fixed? I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you can help me with this.

After Effects error: unable to allocate space for a

7934 x 6632 image buffer.

You may be experiencing fragmentation. In the

Memory & Multiprocessing Preferences dialog

box, try increasing the RAM to leave for other

applications, and selecting the Enable Disk Cache

option in the Media & Disk Cache panel.                                                               

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After Effects Error: Unable to Allocate Space


Hello there!

Why don't you try saving the project first then restart your After Effects?

Usually, it will work fine after that. If not, restart your computer. If it still does not work, there could be a problem with your RAM. Try to do a memtest if you have not done so.

Also, Adobe CS4 After Effects has the ability to not render things which are out of frame. And if you have an enormous image for After Effects, it is just a normal issue that you are having. If all the solutions fail, file a bug report with Adobe so they can fix the After Effects bug in the next version.  

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After Effects Error: Unable to Allocate Space


Hi Ayrton

 This is very common error you are getting with your After Effects.

This type of error usually occurs when there is low main memory available. Due to which adobe is not able to render the image properly. As everybody knows if we run something it loads in memory.

So the simplest solution is to free up some memory from your RAM. You can do it by closing unnecessary applications or you can use some third party applications to free up memory.

If still there is not sufficient memory available then you have to upgrade your RAM.

I hope this solution helps you ..


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