Advise of what things I could do to make profit using PoseRay

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Please advise of what things I could do to make profit using PoseRay?

I can't get the crimp edges accurately. When I use a low EdThresh I get service, but if I increment EdThresh I instantly get artifacts.

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Advise of what things I could do to make profit using PoseRay


Hello Simon Relly,

I do think that it is possible for you to make money using PoseRay, but it will require you to have a lot of creativity just like using the program requires you to do so.

You will need to put much attention in finding your market so that you do not end doing what most people in the market are already doing, and also advertise your business for it to be recognized. You will also need to target where to sell your products well. Thing like prints and calendars may be good but unless you do your best to ensure that the target group knows they are there, then you will not be able to gain profit from your products.

Make sure that the products you produce have the right appeal for the market, put your best of artistic capabilities into them, ensure that you do improvements all the time and your best will grow.

Clair Charles


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