Advantage of Cloud Computing Services

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What is the advantage and draw back of using cloud computing services rather than having your own physical server?

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Advantage of Cloud Computing Services


Cloud computing is the next major computing trend that will obviously match our enterprise and business needs in addition to personal lifestyle. In simple terms cloud computing is the outsourcing of your IT infrastructure via the internet.

With the current technological advancement 70% of enterprises plan on deploying cloud services within 2 years or less.

There is still wide confusion regarding what cloud services are, what benefits they offer, the disadvantages, security and other vital aspects i will look at the main models and list down the main advantages and disadvantages.

Cloud Models

Cloud models can be divided into four main groups;

  1. Public Cloud – This is the most common form and type most of us will tend to think when we chat about cloud computing. Computing resources are dynamically provisioned over the internet. A third party service provider known as utility will invoice the clients who use the cloud.
  2. Private Cloud – This cloud unlike the above is restricted to a set of customers. In this case you will find the cloud is maintained for a specific enterprise or organization.
  3. Community Cloud – A cloud environment in which several enterprises access the infrastructure based on similar needs. These clouds have more available resources than a public cloud but cost less than a private cloud. Most often used by large enterprises and also governments.
  4. Hybrid Clouds – As the name suggests these are models of multiple internal and external cloud providers within ONE cloud infrastructure. They provide clients with greater choice and opportunities to access specific services within the same cloud without need to switch to another provider.

Cloud computing can have unique advantages for your enterprise but it requires deep understanding to pinpoint exact benefits. Clients should know more of the IT needs they desire, have information on utility resources.(service providers)

General Advantages

  • Beauty of the cloud is that your subscription is flexible and firms can adjust their service in short time.
  • Lower Cost, pay as you go, no hardware investments or software licenses.
  • More performance, processing time on demand.
  • Less maintenance in that some else will have to do all related cloud support for you.
  • More security in regard to enforcement of policies and centralized management.
  • Unlimited storage capacity as one will use when needed.


The most cited are

  • Dependency on Internet connectivity since a reliable and constant connection is needed.
  • Loss of control, the problem of someone else hosting hardware, software and data that will result in security concerns.
  • Unpredictable costs, pay as you go means the cost of computing will be different every month.

In summary cost reduction is the most interesting consideration for organizations today when they are evaluating cloud computing.

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Advantage of Cloud Computing Services


The term “cloud-based” is any form of resource that is accessible through the internet. They simply gave it a name for any resource that can be located and accessed over the internet to make it more specific. During the early days when the word “cloud” is not yet known, there are already services in the internet that provides the same thing.

A good example of this is a file sharing website. Even if the term “cloud-based solution” is not yet invented during those days, this kind of website is already providing the same kind of service to different users worldwide.

Here are the chief benefits of cloud computing:

  • Cost Reduction and Flexibility – in today’s modern world and with the accessibility of cloud computing, there is no need to install different software on different computers. This literally eliminates the need to purchase different licenses for a particular application just to be able to install it on several numbers of computers. Through cloud computing, you only need to pay for the particular software you need because any body can have access to it on any workstations. The only thing you need is a subscription to be able to use it.
  • Convenience – since it is already available on the internet, any body in different parts of the world can have an easy access to it. All you need for it is an internet connection to access the cloud service. If you have a project that needs the help of different people, you just need to make it available in the cloud and let others work into it all at the same time and you can view an up-to-date progress on the flow of the project.
  • Peace of Mind – you don’t have to worry about security and piracy issues because the servers that host the applications are exceptionally tough and are located in several countries. That’s why data security and data loss are more complicated. And besides, the provider of the service is accountable in maintaining the system’s integrity and data security.
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Advantage of Cloud Computing Services


Thanks everyone for sharing with me great solutions. At present, Cloud Computing is a very reliable tool for every IT business user. Your comments are excellent and very impressive.

It really makes sense providing me the advantage and disadvantage of Cloud Computing knowledge which help us to be more careful to go forward. Also, through your comments I found out my desired answer and met my expectations.

Although, I learned the other few disadvantages but they are even more advantageous features which are very effective and efficient that can make our business generate unbelievable success.

You guys just gave me valuable information, and I would like to thank Techyv experts for all their informative comments.

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