In Adsense what is Page CTR,CPC,Page RPM

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Hi Internet savvy experts,

I am new to this AdSense business . I have the below on my screen. 

What does each of these mean.?

Page CRT : – 

CPC  :- 

Page RPM :-

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In Adsense what is Page CTR,CPC,Page RPM


I have explained the term of Page CRT, CPC, and Page RPM, in the following paragraph.

a. Page CTR: The full definition of CTR is Click-Through-Rate. Page CTR related number shows the ad clicks, which is divided by the amount of page views.

b. CPC:  The definition of CPC is Cost-Per-Click. The amount Google pays you for per click in Adsense work is CPC. Google calculates CPC by dividing the final earnings by the total clicks received.

c. Page RPM: The meaning of RPM is Revenue-Per-Mile or Revenue/1000 impressions. Page RPM is finalized by dividing the Adsense user’s estimated earnings with the amount of page views received. Then it is multiplied by 1000. The formula for RPM is:

RPM = (Estimated earnings vs amount of page viewed) * 1000

Hope, now you understand the CTR, CPC and RPM.


Crawly Math

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In Adsense what is Page CTR,CPC,Page RPM


In Adsense there is nothing like CRT its CTR and it stands for Click Through Rate it is Just the ratio of number of clicks and number of the individual ad impressions. 

CTR = Clicks / No. of impressions * 1000

CPC : It Stands for Cost per click. It is the amount of money which you earn when somebody clicks on your ad. The CPC is determined by the advertiser of particular ad.

RPM : The RPM stands for Revenue Per thousand it is defined by the ratio of estimated earnings and number of ad requests and its multiplication with 1000.

RPM = Estimated earnings / no. of ad requests * 1000

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