Adsense question on payment approvals

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Hi All,

Adsense question on payment approvals.

I get this message. I am from India. Now Tax information what should i enter ? is this applicable to me as i am not US citizen?

The above link is what it routes me to


Your payments are on hold. No payments will be issued.

Please enter your PIN

Please submit your tax information


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Adsense question on payment approvals



Adsense is very serious with the payments. You need to fill your proper address of you containing your H.No., Street no and city and your proper tax information. Without completing these terms your payments can't unhold.

Now in the your issue, you need to provide your pin no. and your tax information as showing in this image.

*  You need to enter your city pin code. like City-karnal pin code is 132001.

*  And about Tax information you can submit your PAN card(If you are indian). 

Like this PAN card




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Adsense question on payment approvals


This should not be applicable to you unless if you are having a physical equipment in US or is hiring employees that are US based. Only US Base, meaning those with owned equipment in US and is employing people in US with activities in the soil should be considered as US Business and should fill out  IRS form (W-9) that has tax information indicating their Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) or Social Security Number (S.S.N).  

But if you do not have US based activities or hired employees with these activities that may include setting up website, telephone support or buying products for your site, maintaining or marketing for user base or server set-up being done in any part of the US, then you are considered as a Non-US based business and you do not need to fill out the IRS form W-9. 

You are only required to submit your tax according to your countries requirements but not through Adsense.

The error could be rooted to the account setup. You should go to the tax information page and click the radio buttons indicating that you are Foreign publisher with no U.S. Activities status. With this, you don't need to submit your tax documents, therefore.



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