AdSense for Hindi Blog is disapproved.

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I am an Indian and started a blog in Hindi on Blogger. I write philosophical, technical and political stuffs on my blog. A friend of mine suggested me to add Google AdSense to my blog to earn some money. I registered myself for AdSense. But after few hours, I was informed that my blog is not eligible for AdSense. When I tried to learn more about it, I didn't get enough information. The only thing I know is, my account for AdSense is disapproved. I am very depressed and sad. Please help.

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AdSense for Hindi Blog is disapproved.


Hi Finlay,

I am also a blogger, there are a few requirements you should meet before you are allowed to benefit from Adsense. Google will not just throw their money at you because you started a blog, they have some strict guidelines and big expectations for your blog. I will list them below for you:

1. You need to have a Privacy Policy– Many bloggers ignore this and it is a common mistake, so please ensure you have this.

2. You must have an About Page– This gives your readers a little insight about who you are and it will earn their trust and show that you are a serious blogger. When Google sees this it will give you the upper hand.

3. You need to have a Contact Us Page– This will give your readers an avenue to reach out to you when they need to talk to you about your posts in private.

4. Design– This is very important, it breaks or makes your blog! Try to get a professional look, not a page with pictures and words thrown all over the place.

5. Content Page– Ensure your content is informative and in English. They won't accept your blog if it is not in English.

6. Age of Domain– If your blog is less than six months old don't even think of applying!

I hope this helped you and I wish you all the best with your blog, happy blogging!

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