The Adobe Flash plug-in has crashed

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Hi mates,

Every time I use my webcam on dating sites or tachât I have this message: 

"The Adobe Flash plug-ins has crashed. No report available. 

Reload the page to try again."

I just uninstalled and reinstalled it, it makes no difference.

Why, can you help me?

Thank you for your answers.

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The Adobe Flash plug-in has crashed


It is probable that the webcam application needs a flash plug-in to be installed for it to work properly, and in your case it seems that the adobe flash plug-in that you have installed is malfunctioning, and that may affect the performance of your webcam.

You will therefore need to install the flash plug-in:

  • Go to the site and from their site for the adobe flash plug-in.
  • Install the new plug-in on your computer.
  • It will replace the old plug-in, if they are of the same version. If not you will need to access the control panel and download the old flash plug-in.

After you have done that, the error message should disappear.

Clair Charles


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The Adobe Flash plug-in has crashed


Sometimes it happens when you use old version of the Flash plug-in. For checking your plug-in status just clicks on this link: , if it says that you need to up to date your flash then follow my below instructions:

a. Click on this link: and download latest Flash.

b. After downloading latest Flash close your browser and install your downloaded Flash.

c. Finally, you restart your browser again after complete your Flash installation.

NB:  When you download your Flash this page may include some optional software like McAfee and etc.

If you want you can download that software or if you do not want that software then uncheck from Adobe page.

Thank You!!


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The Adobe Flash plug-in has crashed


There might be some software that is conflicting with your flash player.

Try to check running programs and end those that you think is not useful.

Update your Flash Player to the most recent version.

You can get it from the link below:

If the problem still persists, send your report to the Adobe Support Team.

Just click the link below and report the crash:



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