Adobe Photo Shop Serious Error Occurred

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I am graphics designer and I use Adobe Photoshop for this purpose. Today I attach a memory card with my system.

After attaching memory card my system restart automatically now I am trying to open any software such as word, Inpage, Photoshop etc, but all programs give error. I give here only one error detail. Tell me its solution.

Sorry, something major happened, and I can’t continue! Would you like to see more info?


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Adobe Photo Shop Serious Error Occurred


Hi christian

So this problem showed after the system restart and any software you were using before are now unusable. Before attaching the memory card were there any updates or processes being done in your unit? anything from installing softwares or applications? 

For it might not be caused by the memory card but due to some programs that was actually running or possible virus before attaching the memory card.

And if there were no programs running then it is very possible that your memory card is the cause. May i know the memory card that you attached? Then, do you have an updated virus scanner?  or any anti-virus program cause it helps in protecting your computer a lot.

Have you tried to use a recovering program? If your computer has one then you could just recover to its previous working condition. If not well I recommend a format just be sure to back-up important files and check it with a scanner for possible viruses.

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