Adobe Illustrator CS3 – An unknown error has occurred

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Hi Experts,

While editing an image with Adobe Illustrator CS3 on my machine running with Windows XP service pack2 operating system, I received an unknown error message. It says, "An unknown error has occurred". I have no idea for the error message.

If you have any idea for the error message, please help me to get a remedy.

Thanks in advance.

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Adobe Illustrator CS3 – An unknown error has occurred



Hello Isabellartd,
There are some solutions for this issue. But before proceeding to the solution, make sure whether 'Microsoft Zune software' has been installed in your computer. If 'Zune' is installed, then follow the 1st solution, if not skip the first one and start with the 2nd solution. 
Solution 1
You opted for solution 1 because you made yourself clear that Zune is installed on your computer.
Check whether its version is outdated. If so, update it to a newer/latest version.
If the error appears even after this step, reboot the machine and see.
If it is the same, then uninstall Zune completely and re-install it back and switch to solution 2.
Solution 2
I) Disable all start-up items and service, reboot the pc and open Illustrator to check whether the problem remains the same.
If it is still continuing, enable the start-up items and services again, they should not be the problem here. (As you may know, for changing start-up processes, open 'Run' window, type and enter 'msconfig' and change your settings.)
Another reboot, and start-up program fixing is done.

But the other side, If the Illustrator issue doesn't occur when running with start-up programs disabled, you have something with those programs. Therefore you have to identify the specific program.

For that open Run window, type msconfig and enter to make your way into system configuration utility.
There, you have to enable about half of the that were disabled previously.
After that, reboot the PC again and continue checking the Illustrator.

If the error no longer appears, re-enable the items that were left without enabling.
If the error still occurs, then you might be having a problem to worry about, contact support center and get assistant. 

Hope you'll get it fixed without going that far.
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Adobe Illustrator CS3 – An unknown error has occurred



I can help you to fix the issue with Adobe Illustrator on your computer. I request you to follow these troubleshooting steps.

>>Check if the Microsoft Zune is installed on your computer. If installed, update it to the latest version.

>>If updating does not help, try running the Illustrator application in Safe mode.

>>If this does not help you fix the issue, try running the program in a new local Administrator account.

>>You may also reinstall the program on your computer and see if the issue gets fixed.

Just in case you are unable to fix the issue, contact the Adobe support from

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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