Adobe Acrobat Pro and ‘Omni Page Pro’

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Good Morning,

I am developing legal briefs, which contain multimedia presentations, form elements and searchable documents and it is saving on a CD. These CD’s are meant to be used by the Court. I am not a programmer or a trained designer, but just an attorney.

I have bought ‘Acrobat 7 Pro’ along with the books ‘Acrobat forms with java script’ and ‘Adobe Acrobat 7 PDF bible’. I have bought ‘DocuMate 262’ scanner and I got ‘Omnipage Pro 12’ along with it for OCR capabilities.

Are there any major changes in Acrobat 8 from Acrobat 7? So, I have to purchase ‘Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF Bible’ or any other good book available? Can anyone recommend ‘OmniPage Pro 15’ for the OCR functions or the OCR engine using by Acrobat 8 Pro is sufficient for the OCR functions? There are hundreds of pages and which one will be better?

I look forward to your suggestions.

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Adobe Acrobat Pro and ‘Omni Page Pro’


I think if there would be any improvements or changes in acrobat 8 as compared to its predecessor acrobat  7, then I am pretty sure that the changes are minor and therefore if you already have acrobat 7 then you can just use it instead of purchasing acrobat 8 which will not be so different. But if you need to purchase and you are caught in between which one to choose, then you should go for acrobat 8, which is the latest versions, and therefore you could use some improvements that have been done to it.

As for the OCR functions, I will recommend that you use omnipage pro 15, but you could still do some digging to find out if there are some other books that you may want to consider instead of the omnipage, which I still think that is the best to use for the OCR functions.

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