Adjusting the settings of my home router

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How do I adjust the settings in my home router so that other parties may not see my wireless connection yet the only devices that can detect it would be my own devices?

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Adjusting the settings of my home router


To hide your SSID or your Wi-Fi connection from other users:

  • Login to your browser’s Graphic User Interface by entering the local IP Address of your router into the web browser
  • Enter the username and password if prompted
  • Navigate your router’s wireless settings page
  • Look for the SSID broadcast option and uncheck it
  • Save your new settings

If you are not aware of what your router’s local IP Address is and what the username and password to use in order to access its Graphic User Interface, you will need to contact your router manufacturer for further assistance. 

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Adjusting the settings of my home router


First connect the router to the home network. For adjusting any of its settings , kindly follow these steps:

  • Please ensure the computer/laptop is connected properly to the router through one of the numbered ports. Note that it should be connected through ports specified for WAN or internet.
  • Next, Open an Internet Explorer or any other browser window in your computer.
  • In the address bar, kindly type the IP address of the specified router. In case, this does not work, proceed to the below section for the determination of the address of the router.
  • In case, the computer/laptop has been successfully connected to the router , the prompt for username and password would come up. Usually admin is the username and the password would be what one chose during the installation of the router.. In case of doubts, please type admin as both username and password.
  • Finally, if authorization with the username and password  is successful, one should see a setup screen
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Adjusting the settings of my home router


For you to hide your Wi-Fi network from others, you need to hide your SSID. SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. The SSID is your Wi-Fi network’s name or simply the name of your Wi-Fi. When your SSID is hidden, mobile phone users will not be able to see them. It’s like, it’s invisible or it doesn’t exist.

But for laptops or computers equipped with Wi-Fi adapters, your Wi-Fi network is still detected but it doesn’t display a name or the SSID is not shown. The only information shown is whether your Wi-Fi network is secured or not. And when your SSID is not shown, there’s no way they can connect even if they know your password.

They should know the Wi-Fi network’s name first before they can connect otherwise knowing the password is useless. To hide your Wi-Fi network’s name or the SSID, you need to consult your router’s manual to know the IP address to log in to your router’s interface or control panel.

To log in to your router, open your web browser then enter something like without quotes “” in the address bar and press Enter. This IP address varies depending on your router’s model or brand. It will also require you to enter the username and password to log in so make sure you check the manual for these credentials.

Once you are logged in, look for the “Wireless” section in the control panel or interface where the SSID is located. When you located the SSID section, look for something like “Broadcast SSID” then set it to “Disable”.


Click “Modify” or “Save” whichever is available to save the changes you’ve made to your Wi-Fi network. And that’s it.

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