Addlocale 4.0 error shown, asks to update to the latest version

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Recently, I got the following error message “Please update addlocale to the latest version” so I updated to the latest version as mentioned in the error but I did not get any resolution to fix this error . Can I get any suggestion from you? I would be grateful to you. Thanks for everything.

Addlocale 4.0

Please update addlocale to the latest version and then run Localization Manager again.


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Addlocale 4.0 error shown, asks to update to the latest version


    this is a very similar case where another software was showing a similar error despite of having the latest version.

This error is caused because of the poor programming or due to the poor management by the company!
The cause of such error can be that the company planned initially that they will launch an update for example, every 20 days
but later they fail to do it, or they don't feel the need of it.

Initially they designed the software to count days since the last update and start issuing the warning say, 2 days after the estimated update issue time. At this point the software was hoping that the company would launch a newer and updated version so it says to update it.

There is nothing wrong with your PC or the software, this problem is caused because the company has hot issued an update yet.

This can be solved by,
1. Trying to reinstall the latest version so the counter goes back to 0.
2. Waiting for the company to launch an actual update.

Hope this helps you! 🙂

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