Add Standalone Host Error Connecting to my Vcenter

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I’m having some trouble connecting to my Vcenter. The database it uses is SQL Express 2005 SP1.

And every time I attempt to connect my ESXi Server to it, I get an “Add Standalone Host” error.

Then it freezes and restarts. I can’t find a way to work around this problem. 

Add Standalone Host error-Vcenter-SQL Express 2005 SP1-ESXi Server


Eigenstfindlgen Host hinzuklgen

En algemener Systerneenler 1st aufgetreten: ErrogircbODIKErrot) (-1) "CC6C error • (12(00) – [MkrosortISOl. Native Ckrt491)1. Serwe]Could nct allocate space roe object *dbo.VRX_TEXT _ARRAY n database VIM_VCD6 because the PRIMARY rilectoup es ful. Create cid: space by deletng unneeded Nes, droPPN objects in the file? oup, adding addhonal Nes to the Negrotp, or setting &Coq owth on for exisung f ks in the f &now: es rekurned when executing Kt statement *INSERT INTO VPX_TEXT _ARRAY WITH (ROWECCK)(ARRAYJD, TYPED, VALUE, MO_TYPE, M030) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)"

I hope someone has been able to figure this out and can help me with it.


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Add Standalone Host Error Connecting to my Vcenter


This issue is raised due to incongruous permission configured on ESX. It is kept  in /etc/vmware/hostd/authorization.xml. In order to fix this problem, please see the steps provided below:

1. Change the name of /etc/vmware/hostd/authorization.xml  to /etc/vmware/hostd/authorization.xml.old.

2. Next ,please reload the services of the host management. Follow the  instructions given:

i. Firstly, connect ESXi host’s console.

ii. To customize the system, please press F2 on your keyboard.

iii. Afterwards, navigate to Restart Management Agents by means of  using the Up and Down arrow. Then,  press ENTER on your keyboard.

iv. Next, reboot the services by  pressing F11.

v. Finally, press Esc on your keyboard to sign out from the system.

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