Add Partitions in my hard drive

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Hi everyone ,

I want to add partitions in my Hard Drive. I don’t want to delete my dat. Please, let me know, if there is any way. Thanks.

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Add Partitions in my hard drive



In order to add the partitions in your computer, you have multiple choices.

If you are using Windows 7, than follow the steps  1 to 4

1.       Right click on my computer

2.       Click on Manage

3.       On the new window which open select  “Disk management” from the left side menu

4.       Now you will see  the different drives already configured in your computer


You cannot create further partition in the Drive where your operating system resides. The only way to do this to use Third party software like:

Partition Magic From

However, if there are two or three partitions already created than you can get the required space from these partitions by shrinking them and utilizing the free space to create new partition?

To shrink the partition, right click on the particular partition from the disk management menu already open on point number 3 above, and click on shrink

After sometimes you will see an unallocated space in the same menu.

Again right click and format and assign drive letter to your new partition

I personally strongly recommend using third party software for this purpose like partition magic or Acronis, which are very safe and easier to use


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Add Partitions in my hard drive


Hello Nice,

To partition your hard drive, you will use the computer management tool. Just click on start, then computer management on your computer. In the box that will open, choose disk management. Right Click on one disk that has a lot of space that you want to partition and then choose shrink volume, specify the amount to shrink and then click OK.

You can also partition your drives during the process when you installing the operating system. At a place where you format the drive to create space on it so that it can hold the new operating system, choose the option for partitioning the drive and then allocate the size accordingly.


Lee Hung

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Add Partitions in my hard drive


I am feeling need of partition of my hard drive badly. Lee and James, I go through your suggestion and get the result. Your are really worthy of appreciation. I can not but give thank to you. also rocks. Awesome site.

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