Add jpg to mp3 software that could be used

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Hello experts! Please suggest any open-source free software that allows to add jpg to mp3. The jpg would then be the mp3's associated image like an album picture. But this time, it’s a song picture. Could you please provide me with this add jpg to mp3 software that I am looking for? Thanks!

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Add jpg to mp3 software that could be used


Hi Justin Fraank,

Your problem is: How to add photos in MP3 or songs with pictures.

Here are some Steps and details on how to add photo on your MP3. here is link to download and install MP3Tag to be use on these activities. The use of this MP3 Tag you can customize pictures in album, put some design on your files save and you can delete and add. This is easy to used and user friendly.

Step 1.  You must download and install the link I gave then RUN.

Step2          Click or select your MP3 file in directory

Step 3 then once you’re done loading all your MP3 files. Start choosing need to be edit.

Step 4 you will know if the file you’ve selected have an image you will see it at the left side of the screen.

Step 5 if you want to add image click the EXTENDED TAGS

Step 6 if you want to change any of the details you want to change, change it on Metadata at the left side of the screen. Then at the right side of the screen you will see ADD COVER if you want to add picture on it just click it.

Step 7 then if you already decide what you’re going to add or change the picture you want just click the ADD COVER.

Step 8 once you’re done and decide what image just CLICK OK.

TAKE NOTE the image you’re going to use must be saved by of filed by JPG. JPEG and PNG format this are extensions of images must be used.

I hope my steps a gave you will guide you in making your song with pictures success. Thank you.

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