Active Directory domain services-naming information error

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Hi all,

We are running windows 2003 standard edition on our server with exchange server 2003 (OS Windows 32bit). I wanted to add an additional network adapter to our exchange server in order to configure the public Internet Protocol (IP).  When I click manage users and computers in active directory in Windows Server 2003, I get this error message;

Active Directory Domain Services

Naming information cannot be located for the following reason:

The server is not operational.

If you are trying to connect to a Domain Controller running Windows 2000, verify that Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 3 or later is installed on the DC, or use the Windows 2000 administration tools. For more information about connecting to DCs running Windows 2000, see Help and Support.

 We don't have any windows 2000 server on our network because as I have stated, we are running on Windows Server 2003. Any one knows about this error and can tell me how to solve this, I will appreciate.

Thank you.

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Active Directory domain services-naming information error


This happens because you have added another NIC and configured a public IP address, DNS information. In DNS console the Public DNS IP address is bind to the DNS service. And your DNS client tried to register to that public DNS server. Your active directory couldn't find the SRV record for the domain name that you have created because the public DNS has got no idea about your DNS or naming information. It has not registered to that public DNS. The binding order for the DNS is wrong in your DNS server. The public IP is on the first place and then your local DNS ip address in the "interfaces tab" list. Best is to change the order of the IP address in the list. You must do the following:

01. Go to the DNS console.

02. Right click in the main node and go to the properties.

03. Select the "Interfaces" tab.

04. Choose "Only the following ip addresses"

05. Remove the public interface ip address from the list. Then add the public ip address. This way you will successfully reorder the ip address binding list.

06. Restart DNS service.

07. Right click in the main node and click on "clear cache" and Run nslookup to view that the naming information is correct or not.

08. If everything is ok ant this point then you will be able to open any active directory tool like "active directory users and computers" without the error you have mentioned.

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