Active Directory domain services installation wizard

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I am doing a test migration from SBS 2003 to Win 2008. I have run adprep /forest prep and adprep /domain prep on the SBS server. I have raise domain and exchange functionality. All this has gone fine. I have joined the 2008 64 bit server to the domain.

But in the last stages of DC promo on the new 2008 server I get the message

Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard

You will not be able to install a read-only domain controller in this domain because "adprep/rodcprep" was not yet run.

Do you want to continue?

My question is, if I run adprep/rodprep on the old SBS server, can I seize the FSMO roles on the 2008 server later on, when I turn off the SBS server?

Please help.

Thank you.

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Active Directory domain services installation wizard



Off course you can seize the FSMO role in the Read Only Domain controller after upgrading the role in the server manager.

Go through the fallowing information to succeed the seizing




Original must be reinstalled

Domain Naming


PDC Emulator

Can transfer back to original




ntdsutil: roles

fsmo maintenance:

fsmo maintenance: connections

server connections:

server connections: connect to server server 100

Binding to server 100 …

Connected to server 100 using credentials of locally logged on user.

server connections:

server connections: q

fsmo maintenance:

Seize domain naming master

Seize infrastructure master

Seize PDC

Seize RID master

Seize schema master

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