Acer Netbook Keeps Freezing When Wireless Connected

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I have an Acer netbook, and have had it for a few months now. I use it for schoolwork as well as some downloading of music. It has worked great until recently. I only connect to the internet via wireless router, never through an ethernet cable. Lately, anytime that I connect via wireless, after about 5 minutes, the entire netbook freezes up. Windows OS freezes. Absolutely everything. I end up having to do a cold shutdown and then restart it. However, if the wireless is turned off, it works fine.

Any assistance would be great.


Thank you.

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Acer Netbook Keeps Freezing When Wireless Connected


Some software components might gets corrupted. A possible issue here is a virus infection because you download music more often. You might have installed and download a file that has virus and Trojan attachment.

Check the computer processes and locate the application that has too much processor file usage. This might be the source of the problem. Disabled this or stop the processes so it won't eat too much processor and CPU usage.

A sudden intermittent connection sometimes cause the computer to stop, freeze and malfunctioning. Once the computer is not responding, all you can do is do the Task Manager and stop all unresponsive application.

Best of all, run Antivirus scan and check if their is any virus infection. Delete and remove all these if their is. This should let you use your computer with ease.

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