Access violation fix by changing the file attributes

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Hi Friends,

I am using Windows XP, I would like to know about how Access Violation Fix can be done with the help of command prompt by changing the file attributes. Is there any package that will perform additional checks on the memory and helps to protect the system against spyware.

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Access violation fix by changing the file attributes



Access Violation problems generally occur due to improper memory usage by the computer and most of the times, the Access Violation Error can be resolved by entering this DOS command to change the file attributes:-

ATTRIB [+R|-R] [+H|-H] [[drive:][path]file] [/S]

R= Read Only.

A= Archive Attribute.

H= Hidden File Attribute.

S= System File.

IF still the problem persists, you may turn off DEP (Data Execution Prevention) in Windows for a particular program. 

These are the steps:-

1. Go to the System Properties.

 Right click on My Computer icon -> Properties.

2. Click on Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance.

3. Click on Data Execution Prevention tab.

Click on Data Execution Prevention tab

4. Select the option "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.

5. Click on Add button to browse the program you want to remove from DEP protection.


Laz Zebbena

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