Access Violation error shows when running any game on Windows XP 64Bit

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Hi there,

I have this error message when I want to run any games on PC with Windows XP (64). I have rebooted the PC, try to run the games again and nothing happens. Does anyone have any idea what this error message about? How can I fix this and avoid it in the future?



Line 0



(0xc0000005): ACCESS_VIOLATION Write 0x00000300


0x077583B1 line 0 (0x0)

Pid: 2468, Tid: 5356

Build: 11358 ([email protected])

Callstack (base: 0x01200000):


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Access Violation error shows when running any game on Windows XP 64Bit


If this error always happens whenever you run games on your computer then the games may not be compatible with your operating system. You see, you are running your computer with Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit. The fact that your operating system’s edition is 64-bit, you may not run programs that are not compatible or don’t support 64-bit Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Windows XP is a very well-used and popular operating system but the 32-bit versions. 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows XP is not that popular and doesn’t have that much users that’s why most of the applications are developed designed for the 32-bit versions since there are very few users of the 64-bit editions.

If you wish to run games and other applications, try upgrading your operating system to Windows Vista or Windows 7 because support for Microsoft Windows XP is already ending this April I think. So it is best to upgrade.

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