Access MS SQL Server Through Internet

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I have a server with Windows 2003 Server installed and inside the server, I installed several applications and one of them is MS SQL Server. I'm using MS SQL Server for a custom desktop application that I developed and for some time everything works great with no problem whatsoever.

Lately, I'm considering changing the database from MS SQL Server to MySQL so, I can access the database from around the world. Unfortunately, it means I need to adjust some things to make the desktop application work fine using MySQL like when it used MS SQL Server for the database. Using the same desktop application I can access and manipulate databases inside MySQL without having to develop new applications for it.

Several days ago, a friend of mine told me that I don't even have to change the database to MySQL because, MS SQL Server can be accessed from around the world just like MySQL. In fact, I can develop different applications for several branches and they can connect to databases installed in the Head Office. Unfortunately he didn't elaborate in details on how to do that.

Can anyone advise me on how to do that, so I won't have to waste many time migrating from MS SQL Server to MySQL?


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Access MS SQL Server Through Internet


Dear Michael,

It is possible to use Microsoft SQL Server from around the world when using Internet just like My SQL. If your client and server systems are connected with the Internet, you can use net to connect to an instance of SQL Server Database Engine by using SQL server management studio or a client application based on OLEDB or (ODBC).

For sharing your data over the Internet, you must use TCP/IP Net libraries and assure that TCP/IP support is enable. If server is registered with DNS, you can connect using this register name.

Remember, the internet connection is less secure than ISA server connection, using firewall will help you to keep sensitive data secure over internet.

For further detail and procedure, you can check this site:


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