Access Linux with Windows Password

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Can I use my Windows password to access Linux? And also, can I clear or edit it while in Linux? Please give me some tips. Thank you.

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Access Linux with Windows Password


Hi Mollie

You cant use a windows account to log into Linux because the Linux operating system loads before the logon screen appears so it will only load user account stored in it's files.

There is no way as far as i know to edit or delete a windows user account while in linux, you can try deleting the user folders in documents and settings but it wont be a complete removal and can cause problems later on.

There happened to be roaming user accounts which can be logged on in two operating system, but it is for windows operating systems. I don't know you can use it with linux.


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Access Linux with Windows Password


Your post sounds very confusing. It is not possible to edit or change your password on Windows just to access your user account in Linux. Linux and Windows are different. You cannot jump off to another operating system if you are currently signed in to a different operating system like Microsoft Windows to Linux Ubuntu.

It is not like a switch user thing. Microsoft Windows is Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu is Linux Ubuntu. If you want to access your user account on the other operating system, you need to sign out from your current account, restart your computer, and boot your computer with the other operating system.

In order to access your account in Linux, you have to be using or your computer should be running first on Linux. You can have both operating systems installed on your computer and make your computer dual boot but you cannot access your account if it is on the other operating system.

On the other hand, if you are currently using only Microsoft Windows and you want to be able to boot your computer on 2 different operating systems like Windows and Linux, try to visit How to Dual Boot Windows and Linux.

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