About visual studio 2008 software

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How can I individualize the output of a program written in Visual Basic 2008?

I have made a simple program to test  typing accuracy and speed and I need its individualized output.

Please help.

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About visual studio 2008 software


You need to make a stand-alone executable file.

Use the following instructions:

  1. Open the project in Visual Basic IDE. Click File menu and choose Make(Project Name).
  2. “Make Project” dialog box will  appear and you will have to give a name for the file and chose the destination where to save it.
  3. Then go to the folder where you have saved the file and open it

By doing this you should be able to convert your Visual Basic file into a executable (.exe) file which is  a stand-alone program.

Thank You.


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About visual studio 2008 software


If you are referring to creating an Executable Installation or Setup File from your Visual Basic 2008 Solution, here how it goes:

1.  First, click "New Project"

2.  Select "Other Project Types"

3. Choose "Setup and Deployment"

4. Select "Setup Wizard" and type in the name of the Setup file that you want to create

5. When the wizard comes up, keep on clicking Next until you see an "Add" button. Click the button and choose the files that you want to include (it will be installed in your Program Files folder)

6.  Click "Next" then "Finish"

7.  3 new folders will then be created.  The first one is the "Application" folder which will be the folder in your Program Files.

8.  For the "User's Desktop" folder, just right click it and click "Add" then select everything that you want to be placed on the user's desktop

9.  The last folder is the "User's Program Menu" or the on that is placed in the computer's start menu.  You can add the folder first then add all the other files, including the executable file, that you want to put in the program menu.

10.  When you're done, click "Save All" then click on "Build

11.  Click "Build <your setup file name>" 

12.  If the build is successful, it should create an MSI File that will be used to install and deploy the application on other machines.

Hope that helps.

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