About Emulated Generic Hardware and Real Hardware

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I’ve been reading lately about Virtual Machines, I’ve read about its supported applications, it says that VMs use emulated generic hardware and don’t provide access to real Hardware. I want to know what are these Emulated Generic Hardware and Real Hardware. Could anyone give me an idea about this?
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About Emulated Generic Hardware and Real Hardware


Hi Suy,

The real hardware (tangible) in Virtual Machine is your CPU (HDD, Video and Sound card) VMware cannot access those things with any prior knowledge on configuring it in VM.

Emulate Generic Hardware is non-tangible

VMware emulates a set of generic hardware for the guest OS. In that case, the host machine's hardware is not visible to the guest OS. For example: for any other video other sound card than the emulated generic model.

But VMware cannot fake the CPU.

USB devices are also invisible when you are currently running VMware, and if you want to transfer files from your flash drive through the VMware, you can copy it and paste it to the folder of VMware of your original OS.

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I hoped it helps.

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About Emulated Generic Hardware and Real Hardware


VM or virtual machine is an operating system or application environment installed on software which imitates or emulates a dedicated hardware. It is a program or operating system that not only exhibits the behavior of a separate computer but is also capable of performing tasks like running programs just like in a separate computer. Virtual machine is an emulation of a computer system.

It is based on computer architectures and provides functionality of a physical computer. A virtual machine is normally known as “guest” and is created within another computer or computing environment or referred to as “host”. More than one virtual machine can exist within a single host at one time but this will depend on the full capacity of the host computer.

Virtual machines have different uses but in general, they are deployed when the need for different operating systems and processing power are required for various applications running simultaneously.

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