About the component of LCD or Plasma TV

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What is the elaboration of LCD.

If i know this elaboration it will be very helpful for me.

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About the component of LCD or Plasma TV


LCD means the Liquid crystal display.

 It uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals to view the display.

The LCD displays consist of two sheets of polarizing matter.  Between those two matters there are some liquid.

The thing that actually happens is when the light goes through the liquid. It absorbs some colors and rejects some of them. That’s how we can see the images from the LCD.     

Today we use this technology for lot of day today products and the industrial products and processes.


Plasma display is totally different technology. It has lot of small cells in the display. Those cells are filled with the special gases. Those gases are filled with electric charge.

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About the component of LCD or Plasma TV


LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display but it doesn’t mean that the component is really made out of liquid crystal or liquefied crystal. It utilizes the light modulating properties of liquid crystals, and another thing is that liquid crystals don’t produce or release light directly. LCDs are used as flat panel, video, and electronic visual displays on different electronic equipments and devices.

It is used to display random images like in a computer monitor and is sometimes used to display fixed images that can be displayed or made hidden like the 7-segment display in a digital clock. LCDs are used in a wide variety of uses like for example as television sets, aircraft cockpit screen displays, computer monitors, signage or electronic billboards, and instrument panels.

You can usually found LCDs in different gadgets like in handheld game devices such as a game and watch, video players, digital watches, modern telephones, digital clocks, and calculators. In our modern time nowadays, the usual television sets before that use Cathode Ray Tubes to display the images are now being replaced by LCDs which are less bulky and more efficient.

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